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Top 10 Questions asked by Non-Members of

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A list of the top 10 questions people have about .

10. Is AGLOCO a pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes are where people (at the bottom) pay money to join, and this money goes to the people who referred them (those at the top). Check Wikipedia.
AGLOCO is NOT a pyramid scheme for the following simple reasons:
* No Member ever pays AGLOCO (or any other Member) any money at any time.
* AGLOCO is the opposite of a pyramid scheme, since we pay out money to all active Members.

9. How do I make money?

First you need to . Then download the Viewbar (once it is available). The Viewbar software will record when you are online and this is how you get paid. Currently you will only get paid for surfing for 5 hours. You will also get paid 25 percent of the time all of your referrals surf.

8. How will Agloco make money?

AGLOCO pays a 10% fee to its management company.

7. What is the viewbar?

6. Do I need to buy anything?

No, AGLOCO is completely free. You will never be asked to pay for anything.

5. Will they sell my information?

AGLOCO never gives any information on any Member to anyone, except if required by law. All information sent between the Viewbar on Member computers and ALGOCO servers on the Internet is encrypted. At sign-up Agloco asks for Member name, email address, residence (city, country and postal code) and age (for legal reasons). Agloco’s privacy policy.

4. Is this spyware?

3. How do I get paid?

Agloco will be issuing shares and cash to its members. Once Agloco goes public then you can sell your shares like any other public traded company. If you are going to get cash Agloco will pay by cash and they are looking into paypal too.

2. What is Agloco?

1. Is this a scam?

This is question I don’t really understand. What are they trying to scam you out of?
Money? No.
Identity? No (would need a lot more information)
Email Address? I guess. Seems to be a lot of trouble just to get your email address. If your that worried about sign-up with yahoo, gmail, or hotmail.
Scam? No.
Questions answered?
If so then .


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