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Update from the Agloco Blog: Viewbar Release Date

Friday, March 9, 2007

Here are some of the key points from the recent post on the Agloco Blog:

The key benefits a regular Member will get are a modest but steady financial payout and a functional toolbar that will be useful while browsing the Internet. Compared to what a Member with 2,000 referrals will get if AGLOCO succeeds, this may not seem like much. Some financial payout is still ‘infinitely’ more than these Members get with a Google or Yahoo toolbar, and over time the Viewbar and the AGLOCO website will become a community building forum with useful functionally.

Since AGLOCO Membership and Viewbar software is free, what cost is there?

Signing up takes less than two minutes, the Viewbar download is a one-time install process (updates will be processed automatically … more on that later), the Viewbar uses a small section of space at the bottom of the screen and the current limit of 5 hours of browsing each month is accrued passively while the Viewbar is active on the desktop. AGLOCO only has once a month Member update emails, so overall the ‘cost’ of AGLOCO has been kept very low.

AND Finally what we have all been waiting for..............

Viewbar Update: Our lead tech development engineer is still in Shanghai with the Viewbar team (now seven engineers). Cutting to the point, the current release date is now between 18 and 39 days from today (between Monday March 26th and Monday April 16th).

For the first time we have a target release date for the viewbar. No more hearing, " 8-12 weeks", or "sometime in March", or "early Spring". So for all of those algoco members now is the time to build up your recruiting efforts, whether it be using offline advertising, social networks, or online advertising strategies.

Update on the March Referral Contest:
The top six positions for most overall referrals are really close, as we move towards March 15 remember the first prize will be givin away to the leader as of March 15. Remember, its never to late to join the contest simply email me a screenshot at

For complete rules and prizes check out the March Agloco Referral Contest.

March Referral Contest - Over $100 in prizes

Thursday, March 1, 2007

In an effort to motivate the Agloco members without huge referral networks, I am starting the first ever Agloco referral contest. I will be giving away $100 cash plus 25% of my first check from Agloco, only to those members who ended February with less than 100 referrals in their network.

1) Contests must have 100 or less total referrals as of February 28, 2007
2) Half way winner will be based on all emails received before March 15, 2007 11:59 P.M Eastern Standard Time
3) Final winners will be based on all email received before March 31, 2007 11:59 P.M Eastern Standard TIme

Half way winner Most Overall - $20

Most Overall referrals:
1) $40 + 10% of my first Agloco check
2) $25 + 5% of my first Agloco check
3) $15 + 5% of my first Agloco check

Most Direct Referrals:
1) 5% of my first Agloco check

Entering the Contest:
1) Send a screenshot from the Agloco site to :
2) If you need help with screenshots click here
3) Include in the email an ID that you would like to be displayed on the sidebar.
4) There is no deadline to enter the contest, you may join in whenever.

1) Every week I will do a feature post on the top 10 in the standings, the sidebar standings will be updated hourly.
2) If you are in the top 10 and you would like me to post your website link on the weekly updates, simply include a link in your contest email.
3) You may send send updates to as often as you choose.
4)"My first Agloco check": When available I will cash out all my Agloco credits and choose to receive a check in the mail. You will receive the winning percentage of this check.
5) Winners will have to choose between Paypal or money order as a payment option.

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My Agloco Referral Network - Update #3

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Direct Agloco Referrals: 49 ( UP 22% from 40)

Extended Referrals: 48 ( UP 23% from 39)

Total Referrals: 97 ( UP 22% from 79)

Ranking: Top 2.7% of all Agloco members

From the numbers, it looks like another solid week of referrals. I hope to maintain the 20-25% increase in both Direct and Extended referrals each week. And finally break the 100 referral mark!

So how is everyone else doing with referrals??? Please post comments I would love to hear from my readers! Also, check back either tonight or tomorrow, because you will not want to miss my next post, and thats a promise.

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Agloco Referral Tips - Agloco Emails

Monday, February 26, 2007

Once you sign up for Agloco you will receive your member referral link. This is the key to launching you Agloco network. It will be in the form With a slight variation to the letter B's and four numbers. The referral link is also a great tool to figure out how many people have joined Agloco.

The first step of your recruiting process should start with the people you come into contact regularly. These types of people inlcude friends, family, and co-workers. The best way to reach these people is through email via your address book or contact list. If you can't reach all of your friends, family or co-workers directly through email, I would suggest you call or speak to them directly.

Here are some links that offer quality Agloco emails:
Agloco Emails
Email from Company Blog

Remember to be prepared to answer any questions that your potential referral might ask you about Agloco. Check out my post on the Top 10 questions asked by non-members. You could even refer them to my . Lets all try our best to build our referral networks before the viewbar launch in March 2007. Check back soon, as I am about to reach my first Agloco network milestone!

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DJ's Agloco Blog reviews - John Chow dot com

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tonight I was doing my rounds online, checking out all the s that are my favorites and John Chow's Blog caught my eye again. No, not his next update, or even the eloquent pictures from his latest Canadian restaurant review. It was “Review My Blog – Batch 22”. The program offers a free linkback for a review of John Chow’s Blog, “ranked 388th most popular blog by Technorati”. Check out the program here.

To be honest the only reason I check out John Chow’s blog everyday, are for his updates. Not only, does he update his referral network total, but he also gives valuable information for both members and non-members of Agloco. It didn’t take him long to convince me to sign up for Agloco nearly three weeks ago. When I learned he had made over $25,000 from Alladvantage, and he already had 3,000 referrals, I couldn’t wait to sign up.

In fact, I still have his post "How much you can make from Agloco” added on my favorites section. His blog is well organized and easy to navigate, but I enjoy the high level of reader involvement on his blog the most. His “review my blog, for a backlink” program is just another way he is helping out the average blogger increase their traffic and rankings. I would like to encourage everyone to consider reviewing John Chow’s blog for a free linkback.

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The Agloco Blog : News and Updates

The recent update on the company's focused on the statement of not being "Too good to be True". The truth is, you're not getting something for nothing. You're giving the viewbar a small share of your computer monitor, which Agloco and many advertisers consider extremely valuable.

The internet advertising industry is booming, as companies are tying many different ways to get their information in front of your eyes. This, is why having the viewbar on your monitor is so valuable. By having an active Agloco on your desktop, you designate Agloco to be your middleman. This makes Agloco money and, in return Agloco pays you back. In the big picture, having an active Agloco viewbar n your screen makes you money for doing what you would ordinarily do.

So why does Agloco use a referral system?

Should you choose to build your agloco network, you are building the Agloco community and making it more valuable. Your payment is the time and effort into an or other advertising tool, as well as risking your reputation, in an effort to build Agloco. For those who take the risks of building an Agloco blog or website, there will be significant rewards if Agloco succeeds.

Agloco's concept is growing fast around the web. I just googled and got 1,600,000 results, and by googling "Agloco Blog" 26,500. According to the Agloco company blog there are hundreds of thousands of Agloco members. Which is quite possibly the largest pre-launch community on the Internet.

It is our job to make Agloco even larger.

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Top 10 Agloco Referral Tips

Thursday, February 22, 2007

While checking the other Agloco Blogs, I came a accross a very interesting article on Agloco regarding the "Top 10 Agloco Referral Tips". This top ten is a great reference tool to give your direct referrals after they sign up for .

Here is a summary of his top 10 , for the full post check out the

1. Use TrafficSwarm and other free traffic exchanges to get thousands of new visitors daily to your blog and splash pages.

2. Use Google Adwords to get highly targetted traffic to your blog and splash pages.

3. Create a Squidoo Business Lens. Our Squidoo Lens “Become An Agloco Founding Member” can be found here.

4. Get a Blog - An . I’ll be surprised if you don’t have one! You can have one for free at and its very easy to use.

5. Exchange blog links with others. For those interested to exchange links with us, you can place Do You Agloco on your Blogroll and reply to this post.

6. Send emails to your friends and online buddies.

7. Add links to your forum signatures and email signatures. Engage yourself in various forum discussions online.

8. Join AGLOCONNECT and make full use of the free advertising tools created for you.

9. Get additional traffic by listing your or site at AGLOCO Directory.

10. Introduce at eBay and YouTube where large communities of users are active.

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