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My Agloco Referral Network - Update #3

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Direct Agloco Referrals: 49 ( UP 22% from 40)

Extended Referrals: 48 ( UP 23% from 39)

Total Referrals: 97 ( UP 22% from 79)

Ranking: Top 2.7% of all Agloco members

From the numbers, it looks like another solid week of referrals. I hope to maintain the 20-25% increase in both Direct and Extended referrals each week. And finally break the 100 referral mark!

So how is everyone else doing with referrals??? Please post comments I would love to hear from my readers! Also, check back either tonight or tomorrow, because you will not want to miss my next post, and thats a promise.

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