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Questions, Answers and Viewbar Updates from Agloco's Blog

Monday, February 12, 2007

The recent post on Agloco's Company Blog answered the following questions:

1) How will I get paid?

will make cash payments to members in various forms.
- Bank-to-Bank (ACH)
- Paypal ( and similar)
- Credit Cards ( like Visa)
- Checks in the mail

2) When is the Viewbar going to be released?

The good news is that its going to be released in March, and the bad news is that is going to be released in March. Bad news to some because, they want the viewbar out as soon as possible to help with recruiting, and because they want to start earning. Others view it as good news, because they want more time to get their networks growing before the viewbar attracts too much competition. I think March is a perfect time. It gives me more time to build by referral network, but anything past March I would be a little frustrated.

3) How much will I make from Agloco?

According to the Company Blog, the company is legally restricted regarding "earnings" as equity/stock. In my opinion, the more people that the money each of us will make. For estimates check out Harold's Blog analysis of the Simmon's Report.

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