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Building your Agloco Network through Social Networks

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

AllAdvantage is to emailing lists :: Agloco is to __________??

Social Networks!

Thats right, the key to building your network is through social networks like Facebook and MySpace. The prospects are huge for building an Agloco network through social networks. For the purpose of this article we will be using data from Facebook. Let's get to the numbers.

Estimated number of Facebook Profiles: 10 million
Number of Agloco Groups on Facebook: 78
Average number of Members per group: 57.2
Approx number of people in an Agloco group: 4500
Using the 80/20 estimated users on Facebook who know about Agloco: 22,500
(The above calculation may be a bit low)

But Still, If their are 10 million profiles on Facebook, and less than 1 million people who have heard about Agloco. That leaves over 9 million, that can be easily told about. Want even more evidence?

Facebook is a social network of college age students. Of all demographics which do you think wouldn't mind keeping a little toolbar up for some extra income? College Students!

But guess what, Facebook has recently expanded to include High school students and those not attending college. Bingo. As Facebook grows, there are more potential referrals for Agloco users. So after you have exhausted your time talking to friends and family, remember to look past those emailing lists and turn to social networks like Facebook and Myspace. For these networks could be the spark that leads your network into expontential growth.


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