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Top 10 Agloco Referral Tips

Thursday, February 22, 2007

While checking the other Agloco Blogs, I came a accross a very interesting article on Agloco regarding the "Top 10 Agloco Referral Tips". This top ten is a great reference tool to give your direct referrals after they sign up for .

Here is a summary of his top 10 , for the full post check out the

1. Use TrafficSwarm and other free traffic exchanges to get thousands of new visitors daily to your blog and splash pages.

2. Use Google Adwords to get highly targetted traffic to your blog and splash pages.

3. Create a Squidoo Business Lens. Our Squidoo Lens “Become An Agloco Founding Member” can be found here.

4. Get a Blog - An . I’ll be surprised if you don’t have one! You can have one for free at and its very easy to use.

5. Exchange blog links with others. For those interested to exchange links with us, you can place Do You Agloco on your Blogroll and reply to this post.

6. Send emails to your friends and online buddies.

7. Add links to your forum signatures and email signatures. Engage yourself in various forum discussions online.

8. Join AGLOCONNECT and make full use of the free advertising tools created for you.

9. Get additional traffic by listing your or site at AGLOCO Directory.

10. Introduce at eBay and YouTube where large communities of users are active.

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