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Agloco Referral Tips - Agloco Emails

Monday, February 26, 2007

Once you sign up for Agloco you will receive your member referral link. This is the key to launching you Agloco network. It will be in the form With a slight variation to the letter B's and four numbers. The referral link is also a great tool to figure out how many people have joined Agloco.

The first step of your recruiting process should start with the people you come into contact regularly. These types of people inlcude friends, family, and co-workers. The best way to reach these people is through email via your address book or contact list. If you can't reach all of your friends, family or co-workers directly through email, I would suggest you call or speak to them directly.

Here are some links that offer quality Agloco emails:
Agloco Emails
Email from Company Blog

Remember to be prepared to answer any questions that your potential referral might ask you about Agloco. Check out my post on the Top 10 questions asked by non-members. You could even refer them to my . Lets all try our best to build our referral networks before the viewbar launch in March 2007. Check back soon, as I am about to reach my first Agloco network milestone!

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